Service Provider : COO COWORKING by Mamta Global Private Limited

Anyone who makes a payment to the company for accessing to space referred to as client or user 

The Client agrees to:

  • Keep the area neat and clean;

  • Following basic co-working norms, not disturb the other Clients in the area; and

  • Not damage any of the office equipment providedNot install any permanent fixtures and leave any precious belongings overnight in the premises.

  • Use common areas of the building with regard to the rights and interests of other users.

  • Use premises for general office purposes only. 

  • Not to engage in any illegal activity in the “said Premises” or in and around the building in which the “said premises” is located, including but not limited to drug use and/or illegal online activity. Client has to explain its nature of business in writing on this agreement in Annexure 1.1 hereto. The Client agrees with the Service Provider not to carry on any business, which could be construed illegal, defamatory, immoral or obscene and agrees not to use the address of premises, whether directly or indirectly for any such purpose or purposes.


  • The Client shall endeavor to take every care and caution while using the facilities at the space. 

  • The Client understands that though the Service Provider strives to provide a fast Internet connection to enable a smooth Internet usage experience, it does not guarantee a particular speed or bandwidth, as it is highly dependent upon the overall usage by all the members working at the space. (Refer to Annexure 1.2) 

  • The Client agrees not to hold the Service Provider or their employees or agents responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of Members' belongings/ property/ confidential information including but not limited to laptop computers, cell phones, clothing, bags, wallets, notes, prints or books, Business Papers, etc.

It is strongly suggested that the Client carries its own liability and personal property insurance policy to protect itself against damage to the Service Provider or other Members' personal belongings.

  • Service Provider shall not be responsible for any businesses transacted amongst the coworkers or breach of such contract formed amongst coworkers by any of the coworkers or disputes arising in such written or verbal contracts.

  • Client agrees to indemnify Service Provider , in case any loss occurring to Service Provider due to or in relation with the activities of the Client , the Client shall make good such loss and shall compensate lessor the value of such loss incurred without any monetary limits on the same.

  • It shall be ensured that the Client’s respective employee(s) , director (s), agent(s), sub-contractor(s) shall at all times adhere to all applicable laws related to anti corruption and all anti bribery laws of India. The Client represent that neither they nor any director, officer, agent, employee, contractor(s), sub-contractor(s) or any other person acting for or on behalf of them has/have offered, paid, promised to pay, or authorized the payment of any money or anything of value, to any government authority, public official, or any political party for the purpose of influencing any act or decision of such government authority , public official, or political party in relation to the agreement where such payment, offer, or promise is prohibited under any applicable law to which such entity is subject, or engaged in any activity that would in any manner result in violation of any applicable anti-bribery and /or anti corruption laws in India

  • Clients cannot use the space address for any advertisement , publication, notice, or legal document until and unless prior permission of the service provider.